Flaming Lips update

Check this out. As I was writing my last post, I received an email from a friend of mine who was writing from San Francisco, he didn’t know what I was writing about, and he reports to me that he’s going to a Flaming Lips show that evening.

How weird is that?

Later Update: I started watching some Flaming Lips YouTube clips, and it turns out that my friend who wrote from San Francisco looks a lot like Lips frontman Wayne Coyne.

See? Pretty weird, huh?

One thought on “Flaming Lips update

  1. Well I guess I sort of do, same crazy hair… Wayne is taller. I hope I have a fraction of the creativity and work ethic he has. Fantastic show by the way… just a party of light, confetti, costumed performers, naked people, confetti, balloons and audience sing alongs. These guys are very creative I can’t wait to see what they do with dark side of the moon.

    Here are two links… I’ll try to pretty it up, no promises.

    Treasure Island show

    The Fearless Freaks Documentary

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