Keeping the lunatics on the fringe

I’m late in getting to this, but someone who is as critical of big business and religious extremism as I am really needs to speak up when big companies and religious people do something right.

It’s not difficult, after eight dark years of the Bush II era, to think that the greed of capitalism and right-wing religious fanatics are a growing force to be reckoned with. But, history tells us instead that big businesses can be kept in check with reasonable regulation, and that religious extremists in this country have been mostly harmless, hanging out on the margins of society.

On October 6th, it was reported that Seattle’s own Microsoft donated $100,000 to Washington Families Standing Together, a group supporting Referendum 71 on the November 3rd ballot. R-71, if passed, will uphold Senate Bill 5688, which provides same-sex domestic partners with the same rights and benefits currently enjoyed by married couples.

This donation was a follow-up to a joint statement (PDF), released on September 14th by Microsoft, Boeing, Nike, Puget Sound Energy, RealNetworks and Vulcan, in support of R-71, and to date, pro-R-71 groups have significantly out-fundraised opponents, raising $1.6 million over the opponents’ $410,000.

And, though the religious opponents want you to think that they speak for most Washingtonians, an extensive interfaith list of courageous clergy, who have signed a petition in favor of R-71, proves otherwise.

I’d hoped that it was obvious, when I posted the Permission video on the 20th, that I fully support equal LGBT rights. Likewise, I hereby add my voice to the plea to vote “YES” on Referendum 71.

Let’s keep the lunatics on the fringe.


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