Costa Rica Chronicles: Vol. I

Last week, in an effort to lift the mood here following a post on the horrors of war, I posted a link to a short article about how Costa Rica is the happiest place on Earth.

I ended that post with the comment:

Um, yeah, I could go there. Really! I could!

Well, as it turns out, I AM going there. My wife and I decided today that we’ll be taking a two-week break from our Pacific Northwest winter, likely in January, and heading to the Rich Coast.

In a wonderful piece of serendipity, after I’d posted about Costa Rica as an antidote for my weariness over war, I read this:

The only recent candidate for having performed an act of complete disarmament is Costa Rica, which unilaterally disarmed itself in 1948, writing its non-military status into its constitution in 1949. In a public ceremony to mark the occasion, the existing Commander-in-Chief handed the keys to Army HQ to the Minister of Education, for use as a school. Since that time, Costa Rica has been briefly invaded once, by Nicaragua, but has maintained its territorial integrity through reliance on diplomacy within international structures such as the OAS. Costa Rica’s peace dividend has been reinvested well, as evidenced by infant mortality rates, life expectancy and literacy rates that are on a par or better than those of most developed countries.

And then I came across this:

Costa Rican president, [Nobel Peace Prize winner] Oscar Arias Sanchez, has called for a global reduction of military spending.

“The perverse logic that leads a poor nation to spend excessive sums on its armies, and not on its people, is exactly the antithesis of human security, and a serious threat to international security,” said Arias in an address before the UN Security Council, over which Costa Rica presides this month.

Um, yeah, I could go there. Really! I could!

I’ll be chronicling this trip here at Fish & Bicycles, from the earliest planning stages, to reports from the scene as wi-fi is available, right on through the journey home.

So, excuse me while I go learn more about this fabulous place.

Costa Rica Chronicles: Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III, Vol. IV, Vol. V, Vol. VI, Vol. VII, Vol. VIII, Vol. IX, Vol. X

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