Human Decency

I can be a very cynical person sometimes, even though overly cynical people annoy the hell out of me and bring me down.

But, now as much as ever, even though the cynics want to call it pollyanna, I think we should shout it from the rooftops when some basic human decency shows up.

Here’s the caption to the photo to the right, which I found in the Bellingham Herald:

    Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Chuck Snyder gives Ashenafi Campbell, 2, a stuffed animal after he was officially adopted by Erin Campbell, right, on National Adoption Day at the Whatcom Superior Court, Friday morning, Nov. 20, 2009, in Bellingham. Looking on is Campbell’s son Christian Campbell, 7. Twenty families finalized the adoption of 25 children.

I was adopted, actually, so this hits close to home. Yet, I was adopted at birth, my adoptive parents knew they were getting a newborn, it is generally true that most prospective adoptive parents want newborns, and the usual objection to adopting children of other ages has to do with a notion that older children have been through bad experiences, and so a clean slate is preferable.

All the more reason to be moved by this article about National Adoption Day. 25 children of various ages adopted, no newborns mentioned. Powerful stuff.


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