Baker Report: Day 1

Well, it didn’t look much like the photo here, with rain falling on us all day, but we managed to have a great time.

At first, when we realized that the weather forecast had lied to us for the millionth time, we were all a bit disappointed. There was plenty of snow, since 200 inches had fallen in November, but snow wear and rain wear are two very different things. Our poly underwear, jackets, pants and gloves keep us dry and toasty all day when it’s snowing or clear on the mountain, yet our gear is not waterproof and we were soaked through by lunchtime.

Still, it was our first ski/snowboard trip of the year, the slopes were wide open because of a low turnout, so with no long lines at the lifts we crammed in a lot of runs and had a lot of fun. I’m able to keep up with my wife and son a lot better, and so we had more together time.

A friend of ours likes to say, “It’s all skiing!” It’s kinda like the bumper sticker that says, “A bad day _________ is better than a good day at work.” Yet, our friend’s saying is broader than that. To him setting the alarm to get up early the night before is skiing. Packing the car in the morning is skiing. Driving that long, winding road to the ski area is skiing… well, you get the idea.

So the rain? It’s all skiing!

3 thoughts on “Baker Report: Day 1

  1. with due respect to your friend…skiing in the rain is water skiing. water skiing in anything less than 80-degree temps is cold.

    cold, wet and tired from getting up early?

    this is starting to sound less like recreation and more like enhanced interrogation.

    with due respect, of course…


    1. Well, there’s a special feeling I get when I notice that I was successful at pushing through challenges and discomfort like this. I’ll never look down my considerable nose at fair weather skiers, yet I take pride in having been out there in the elements and having managed to enjoy it.

      With all due respect, mr. needl. 🙂

  2. ah, i’m just bitter. i won’t be doing any skiing, of any kind, this season.

    brand new skis: check.
    brand new boots: check.
    new jacket, gloves, and other accoutrements: check check check.

    surgically repaired knee still in rehab: check you next year.

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