So I was walking across campus a while ago and I passed by a truck parked in front of one of the academic buildings, the back of the truck was wide open, and the truck was filled with thousands and thousands of dollars of new, in-the-box computers and peripherals. There was no one around anywhere that I could see who looked like they were associated with the truck, no driver, no delivery person, no campus rep, no one.

For the first time in years I thought of an old saying that I heard a lot when I was growing up, mostly on TV or in movies:

    It fell off the back of a truck.

I chuckled, thinking about just how funny and vernacular the line is, getting this visual of a wise guy bringing home a new TV or something for his wife, telling her that he didn’t spend any of their very limited money on it, that it fell off the back of a truck.

And then I walked past a student who was easily young enough to be my kid if I’d gotten started as a parent in my 20s, and I wondered how many students like him on this campus know the meaning of it fell off the back of a truck?

Do you, whomever is reading this right now, know what it actually means?


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