Costa Rica Chronicles: Vol. III

The search for airfare continues, though we’re supposed to be departing for Costa Rica in just over a month.

After some considerable sticker shock, sticker shock so significant that we started to seriously consider a more affordable destination like the Yucatan, we’re going to pull the trigger and purchase our airfare soon.


Bellingham: 22.5 °F
San Jose, Costa Rica: 82 °F

It’s been so cold here lately that going outside is something you do only out of necessity. And so, while we don’t have any snow…

I have a confession: Even though I don’t particularly believe in Astrology, I do get a kick out of reading Bob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology in the Cascadia Weekly. Brezsny is a wildly creative, New Age character, and even if you don’t care for Astrology, it’s hard not to appreciate his entertaining writing.

My recent Free Will Horoscope:

In one of his short poems, John Averill describes a scene that I think captures the essence of your current astrological omens: “Today is the day of the photo of moonrise over Havana in a book on a shelf in the snowbound cabin.” Here’s a clue about what it means: The snowbound cabin is where you are right now in your life. The moonrise over Havana is where you could be early in 2010. How do you get there from here?

Yes, no snow, but so frickin’ cold that even taking the dog for a walk around the block is like exploring a polar region.

And yet, it’s also holiday season, and me and the family have been busy elves, decorating the tree and the house for what we like to call Chanumas (Chanukah + Christmas = Chanumas), sitting around the house drinking warming hot egg nog and hot apple cider, making gifts for friends and family, practicing holiday songs on guitar and fiddle, Julian, our 12-year old still enjoying the innocent fun of the Advent calendar and dreydle, watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special for the millionth time and still loving it…

I like my snowbound cabin…AND I look very forward to a moonrise over Havana Costa Rica!

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2 thoughts on “Costa Rica Chronicles: Vol. III

  1. Chanamus! Meegie calls is Chrismakuh! My kids are 14 (15 in a couple weeks!) and 11 and they still like the advent calendar! In fact, I have to run down there and fill it for tomorrow. Good luck getting to Costa Rica! I wish it wasn’t so expensive to fly here. The weather is always warm, plus you have friends!

    1. Well, of course Meegs would put the “Chris” first, but not in our JUBU (Jewish-Unitarian-Buddhist home.) 🙂

      Sweet about the Advent calendar, Colleen!

      As for airfare, I was about to buy the tickets last night and couldn’t find the physical credit card, we use it so infrequently. Yikes!

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