Costa Rica Chronicles: Vol. IV



Seriously, I suppose someone could argue that it’s fitting that shopping for airfare is incredibly frustrating and stressful. Perhaps, someone might say, it’s intended that way, so that we appreciate our vacations all the more after the nightmare of checking all the travel and airline websites every day for weeks comes to an end.

While I admire the attempt at positive spin, it seems like EVERYONE – customers, airlines, travel agents, travel websites, the travel industry at-large – would be happier if it were easier to get from deciding you’d like to fly somewhere to actually getting there. (Of course, upper middle class and wealthy people don’t have this problem. They have the funds to book flights whenever they choose, not having to penny pinch on the airfare, and those in the latter group simply have someone else make their travel arrangements for them.)

Anyway, it’s done, and I finally feel like the trip is actually going to happen.

Now comes the exciting stuff, the part where I dig into the websites and travel books, soaking in all the details I can about the place, planning the itinerary. Yes, I know the basics – San Jose, Arenal, Monteverde, Rincón de la Vieja National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, Osa Peninsula, etc. But, piecing it all together, deciding how many days we spend in each location, planning the activities, and figuring out local transportation… now THAT is fun! (My wife gets to shop for lodging when I’m all done and she therefore knows where we’ll be and when.)

So, excuse my while I go read about rainforest canopies and zip lines.


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