Apple and Google apparently don’t need me anymore

I’ve been a Mac user and Apple fan for many years.

My first Mac, a Macintosh Classic, won me over with its simple, intuitive user interface, and its compact, all-in-one package, and my most recent, a 12-inch Powerbook G4, has been the perfect notebook for me.

All along the way, I’ve drooled over the new releases, loved Apple’s sleek, modern design sense, bought an iPod Touch, coveted the freedom of the iPhone, and I always agreed with friends who would say that the best anti-virus software ever created is OS X.

But then, in June of 2008, it was revealed that the then-upcoming newest release of OS X, Snow Leopard, and therefore all subsequent updates, would only work on the new generation of Macs with Intel processors.

Apple essentially gave my Powerbook a death sentence.

And now, adding considerable insult to injury, Google, whose search, Gmail, and Docs products I use every day, has offered up a long-awaited Beta version of its Chrome browser for Macs…

…BUT, it only works on Intel Macs.

My Powerbook is five years old and starting to show its age and act funny.

A new aluminum MacBook Pro, which I’ve been longing for, would cost me $1,200 minimum.

It’s getting harder and harder to justify going there when I could get a decent laptop and a free copy of Ubuntu for half the money.

Apple? Google? Are you listening? Do you care?


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