Slush is just alright with me

me on skis
You know how it is when you’re driving on the freeway, perhaps a little, ahem, faster than you should be, like, say 75 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, and you’re a little nervous about being over the speed limit, but then, suddenly, some car comes zooming past you, really zooming, like they are there one moment and then they’re out of sight in seconds, and you realize that they must be driving like 90 MPH or more…and you were worried about getting a ticket?

According to a page on the internets:

Slush happens when snow that is starting to melt becomes even wetter. Wet snow is the stickiest snow in the world and slows you down. Not much fun at all.

While there was definitely some of what I’d call slush down at the chairlifts at Mt. Baker yesterday, I’m more inclined to describe the overall conditions the way they did at the Mt. Baker Snow Report: nice soft snow.

I like all three of those words. Nice. Soft. Snow.

The alternative – bad, hard, ice – was happily nowhere to be found. Neither was there rain nor relentless heavy winds. I considered it a stellar day: comfortable temps (wore a light jacket over an underlayer and light sweater), I made some good progress improving my carving skills, and I had a blast with my family and our new 21-year old Homestay student from Singapore.

Still, it was impossible to escape the complaining by those people whom, I assume, could very likely be the same people who zoom past me on the freeway when I myself am speeding. To those people, as the definition of slush I linked to points out, wet snow slows you down and is not much fun at all.

I’m pretty comfortable now calling myself an intermediate skier, as I spend most of my time on the intermediate, or Blue, runs, and if all I can do is become a great skier on Blue runs I’ll be very happy. I’m not an adrenaline junkie, Black Diamond kind of guy. If wet, soft snow slows me down and allows me to focus on the fundamentals that is just alright with me.


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