Costa Rica Chronicles: Vol. V

Five Days Until Departure!
Well, it’s been over a month since my last post on our upcoming trip to Costs Rica, and I can sum up the reason for the delay in two words: 1. holidays; 2. procrastination.

I wrote in that last post about how shopping for airfare was stressful enough that someone could argue that it should be stressful, so that you enjoy the rest and relaxation of your trip even more in comparison. In some ways, the same rationalization could be used to put a positive spin on procrastination.

Me: (after walking back to the car from the hotel office) Honey, they have a room available!

The Mrs.: It’s a dive, but who wants to plan every minute detail of the trip in advance, when you can have fun on your trip talking to every hotel operator in every village we visit.

Me: Right! We’re meeting real Ticos this way, getting to experience the real Costa Rica!

The Mrs.: Besides, this dive is better than sleeping on park benches!

Actually, we’re doing fine, but there are some choices that are really hard to make when you are doing it from thousands of miles away.

  • When will we need to rent a car and when will we take the bus?
  • Which of the many volcanoes should we visit?
  • Should we go to the Monteverde Cloud Forest or the Los Angeles Cloud Forest?
  • We have 16 days total. Can we make it to the Osa Peninsula or the Caribbean coast and still see the other main attractions?

Yet, the decision that seems hardest to make has to do with lodging, involving a bit of Catch-22:

  • book too many nights at any given place and you run the risk of getting stuck somewhere you’re not crazy about, or
  • book too few nights and have to leave somewhere you ARE crazy about, or
  • don’t book at all and lose valuable vacation time to driving around and looking for a place to stay

We’ll be done with the planning today, along with some shopping, pet care arrangements, and packing, and then three days of work and we’re off!

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