Costa Rica Chronicles: Vol. VI

Two Days Until Departure!
For the next few weeks, folks, Fish & Bicycles will mostly be a microblogging site.

Choosing to not take my laptop with me to Costa Rica was a difficult decision to make. But, when I think about lugging it all around the country, along with my other gear, it just doesn’t make sense. (If I had an ultraportable netbook, it’d be a different story.)

And so, my primary internet device will be my iPod Touch. I can connect to wi-fi when available and I can post to Fish & Bicycles, but the iPod’s virtual keyboard is not suitable for the amount of typing I usually do here, I won’t be able to get photos onto my iPod, and so normal blogging just aint gonna happen.

What I WILL try to do is to post Twitter-esque posts whenever I can. Everything I post here already automatically generates a Tweet and a Facebook Status update, and I’ve got the WordPress app on my iPod, so I’ve got the tools.

Question is, will I have the time, the talent, and the wi-fi?

  • Time: Do I really want to be spend time on my iPod when I’m in one of the most beautiful, natural areas in the world?
  • Talent: Listen, my Tweets are currently nothing more than the headlines of my blog posts and a link to the posts. There’s a reason why I’m a blogger and not a microblogger – I have a big mouth! 140-character limit? Are you kidding me?! It will be interesting to see how well I do when I have very little time to compose.
  • Wi-Fi: Since most of my time will be spent engaged in outdoor activities – rainforest hikes, zip lines, suspended bridge canopy tours, hikes to volcanoes, rafting, swimming under waterfalls, boogie boarding, snoozing in a hammock, etc. – access to wi-fi will be limited.

There will, of course, be internet terminals in cafés and hostels, and so it’s possible I might be able to manage a longer entry here and there, but I can’t promise anything.

So for now…

What’s Happening?
Cramming at work to get everything in order for two-week absence.

What’s on your mind?
Having trouble keeping my mind on work because that space is currently occupied by visions of palm trees, scarlet macaws, squirrel monkeys, and volcanoes.

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