Costa Rica: back to heaven

After a hot trek, dragging our bags around La Fortuna, we arrive at the Arenal Backpackers Hostel.

This is no ordinary hostel.

The grounds are very nice and there’s a swimming pool that spells relief in every way possible.

Checking in took a lot of time, but Laurel and Julian jumped in the pool while I waited to complete the process, talking to Jan and Elsie, two widows from London who had started their journey in Brazil, making their way up through South and now Central America, and just as I was about to hit the pool myself, someone told me that it was Happy Hour, 2-for-1 beers!

Drinking Ice cold Imperial (a Costa Rican lager) in the pool, and playing in the water with the family, it doesn’t get much better than that. Ahough, we’re only a few days into the trip, so I’m sure I’m being a bit premature.

I’m typing this in a cozy tent on a platform, with comfy, thick foam pads, pillows, sheets, Laurel and Julian asleep by my side.

Buenas Noches!

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