Luge madness

There were warning signs that were ignored. Several lugers had already wiped out and were either injured or badly shaken up.

The track was purposefully built to be the fastest ever in a grotesque pursuit of world records, records that have so little real value compared to the life of this young Georgian.

There is something not right about a human being moving 90mph on a tiny sled on ice wearing just a helmet.

And, shouldn’t we all be questioning a sport wherein the playing field is constantly being adapted to produce faster speeds? How do we now consider the times set by lugers just a few years ago, much less 10, 20, 30 years ago? At what point can we attribute the setting of a record to the actual luger him/herself? Luge takes incredible skill and athleticism, for sure, but gravity and the construction of the track are things the competitors have absolutely no control over.

This is a shameful waste of life.


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