Stuff We Need: Fiat 500…it’s electric!

As is the nature of Yin and Yang, less than two weeks after I launched a new series here at Fish & Bicycles, a look at Stuff We Don’t Need (SWDN), I’ve remembered that there is some stuff that we do need, and in some cases we need it pretty badly.

And so, in order to balance out any negative energy created by SWDN posts, today I’m launching a corresponding Stuff We Need (SWN) series, with the inaugural post inspired by the latest good news from Detroit. (Yes, good news from Detroit!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fiat 500 EV:

Via Engadget via Autoblog:

…the all-electric Fiat 500 EV — which saw a limited run of 100 in Europe and made a cameo at this year’s Detroit Auto Show — will actually be produced and sold in the US starting in 2012. Since the automaker’s not talking specs, it’s hard to say how it’ll compare to a Volt or a Leaf, but history tells us the original electric Fiat 500 got up to 120 miles on a charge.

I’ll take good news like that any day!


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