Video Fridays: Monty Python

As I mentioned in my third Video Fridays installment, I have an enduring love for Monty Python, and it was predictable that I would post more clips in the future.

This week’s selection feels particularly relevant for me at the moment, since a large part of my job involves the recruitment, hiring, and supervising of student employees. Students are, of course, young, and though they are on the brink of adulthood and independence, most haven’t really figured out exactly what they want to be when they grow up. While they might have chosen a major, anyone working in higher education will concur that one’s major and one’s eventual career often have very little in common. I can certainly relate, an English major who spent 10 years doing social work and now 10 years as a Program Coordinator at a university.

And so, today I bring you a sketch that’s all about finding the right occupation, and in the words of John Cleese’s Vocational Guidance Counselor:

Enough of this gay banter.

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