Skiing? What’s that?

As I came across the article in today’s Bellingham Herald about the closing of the Mt. Baker Ski Area season this coming weekend, I was reminded with more than a little embarrassment that I’d made quite the fuss over the opening of the season and my first two trips to the mountain.

On November 28th, two days before the first trip, I wrote:

I have a goal to get up to Chair 8 this season, I’m pretty sure that it won’t be this first trip, but I’m determined to get there as soon as possible.

Sad to say, not only did I not get up to Chair 8 this season, I only ever skied those two days over the course of the whole season.

The Herald article talks about how this was a “bookend” season, with warm temperatures and a lot of rain on the mountain during the middle of the season, and despite what I said about rain and slush in November and January, the weather and general busyness with other things, simply removed skiing from my family’s collective consciousness.

There’s a slight chance we’ll make it up for one last day on the very last day of the season this Sunday, but I’m not betting on it. It would be a nice treat if we can manage it, but I’m ready to conclude that skiing, this year, just wasn’t meant to be.

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