Video Fridays: Peter Gabriel

We’ve all had that experience, when someone nearby is humming or whistling or singing a song, you only catch a snippet of it, but it gets stuck in your head and can linger there for hours or all day until your mind gets absorbed by some other audio sensory input.

For me, this mostly seems to happen with songs that I don’t want lingering in my head, like a commercial jingle or something. And yet, the other day I overheard my wife kind of half humming and half singing a song that I hadn’t thought of in years, from an album I sadly hadn’t listened to in years.

The song was Peter Gabriel’s Washing of the Water, from his 1992 album Us. It is an achingly beautiful song, so sweet, with so much longing. It’s probably been in my head for a week now, and in this case that’s a very nice thing.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Note: Some of you might have noticed that I posted this a little while ago, with a different YouTube clip, a clip that had embedding disabled. This solo version, fortunately, is quite nice as well.


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