Fatherly Pride Revisited

I wrote last week about how proud I am of my 12-year old son Julian and his rock climbing activities, mentioning that he was going to be competing in the T-Town Climbing Challenge in Tacoma.

Well the comp (climbing jargon for competition) was this past Saturday and it was a real blast! I got to be the driver for all the boys from his team who were competing that day, and the 2+ hour drive just flew by because the boys were so much fun.

Anyway, here’s a shot of the amazing Edgeworks rock climbing gym:

Those are man-made structures, and you can see that there’s colored tape marking a series of holds that designate the routes the climbers must complete. They get five minutes to complete a route, if they fall they can start over but they lose points, and if they can’t make it all the way to the finish, they get points for the last hold that they are able to reach in a controlled way.

Here’s Julian on one of his routes:

Julian’s best moment came on his fourth and final route. The routes get progressively more difficult, and only the very best climbers in the division completed it. Julian got about 1/3 of the way up and fell. He caught his breath, examined the route again carefully, chalked up his hands and got back on the wall. At the point where he’d fallen the first time he tried a different approach and made it past that point, getting about 3/4 of the way through the route.

That was a real sign of perseverance and strength. You…wait for it…rock, Julian!

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