Fish & Bicycles in the news

Sam Taylor, the writer of the Bellingham Herald‘s Politics blog, gave me a shout-out today, which I have to admit was very exciting.

Several years ago, Sam added my previous blog, Transcendental Floss, to the list of local blogs he maintains in his sidebar, and he was generous enough to remove the old blog and add Fish & Bicycles, even though F&B is not ostensibly a political blog.

That said, I do think it’s important to clarify what Sam said about why I closed down Transcendental Floss.

What Sam said is mostly true. As I wrote in my inaugural post here at F&B, I stopped writing just about politics because it became too confining (not to mention depressing and rage-inducing), and I always wanted to be a general topics blogger.

That said, I have written political posts here at F&B, and I will very likely do so again. My goal is a diversity of topics, not self-censorship.

So, how am I doing? Of the 149 posts I’ve written here since the beginning of October 2009, only 10 have had something to do with politics. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Thanks again, Sam!

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