Video Fridays: CR Avery

As I mentioned in one of my first posts here at Fish & Bicycles, I LOVE a night out with the guys at a pub.

If last night all I did was meet up with the boyz at The Copper Hog, where I enjoyed a couple of pints of the very tasty Terminal Gravity IPA from The Middle of Nowhere Enterprise, Oregon, it would have been a fantastic evening.

However, as we exited The Hog, my friend John asked for a ride home, and on the way down State Street he suggested we stop in at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern.

What a treat that turned out to be. Performing last night was a guy from Vancouver named CR Avery, who struck me as a Hip-Hop Tom Waits.

The guy’s a one-man-band — in this clip combining spoken word, singing, beatbox, harmonica, and keytar — but he also played a couple of songs on banjo.

He’ll be back at the Green Frog on May 11th, so check him out if you can.

In the meantime…


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