Stuff We Need: Inhabitat

Thanks to one of my favorite websites, Engadget, I now have a new favorite website.

Inhabitat is tremendously cool, and because, as you know, I am an unapologetic idealistic, head-in-the-clouds, dreamer hippie, I particularly LOVE the bold boasting of their tagline:

design will save the world

As you also know, I REALLY like graphic/industrial design and sustainability, so how cool it is for me that Inhabitat combines the two?!

From cardboard packaging that conforms to any shape, to a chair made from recycled planks from the Coney Island boardwalk, to an eco house built by taking an existing house apart and creating a totally different house using 95% of the materials from original structure, they cover so much of what I’m interested in, and that was just on the first page yesterday.

Another thing I admire about Inhabitat: They call themselves a weblog on their About page, but while they cover what many people might consider a small niche — green design — they provide such a remarkable amount of frequently-updated content on this so-called niche that I think they would be more accurately referred to as a full-blown online magazine.

So here’s to cool-looking stuff that saves the world!


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