Video Fridays: The Fab Faux

This week’s edition of Video Fridays is a real treat for me, for two reasons.

  1. Since The Beatles stopped touring, broke up, and half of them died, a live performance, by The Beatles themselves, of the nearly contiguous suite of songs that make up most of the second side of Abbey Road, was simply not meant to be. The next best thing, then, would be The Fab Faux, a group of top session musicians who have easily earned the title of best Beatles tribute band. That these guys can reproduce these complex arrangements and nail the all-important vocal harmonies is no small feat.
  2. The keyboard player (well, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist) in the group, Jack Petruzzelli, was a year ahead of me at my high school. As a musician myself, the association is bittersweet. I remember always admiring Jack for his devotion to music back in high school, and I was insanely jealous that he was in bands, up on the stage, chasing that Rock & Roll dream. I shared the dream, but I didn’t start playing the guitar until after college, and I never remotely considered music as a “realistic” career option.

The Fab Faux’s attention to detail, I think you’ll agree, is unbelievable. And, if you’re a Beatles fan like I’m a Beatles fan, if you’ve listened to their recordings thousands of times, you’ll get a special kick out of what happens after The End.

If Fish & Bicycles had a budget for prizes, I’d offer one up to the first person who leaves a comment on this post, explaining why such a fan should get such a special kick. In lieu of a prize, I will humbly offer my sincere respect and solidarity. (Special respect goes to anyone who knows the story behind what happens at the end of The End.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Video Fridays: The Fab Faux

  1. Okay, I took notes!

    First of all, Abbey Road is my favorite album *in the world*! When I was a kid, this was the first album I remember listening to, going back to the age of 6 or so (that and “Somewhere Between old and New York,” which I avoided because it made me cry pretty hard, and I was 6!). Anyway…we had a tape, and the A side was “Here Comes the Sun,” “Something,” “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, ” “Oh! Darling,” “Octopus’s Garden,” and “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).” As a kid, all I listened to were the first five. I didn’t care for “I Want You” (still don’t). It wasn’t until 9 years later, the summer of 1999 to be exact, that I bothered to flip it over. I had just naively assumed I wouldn’t like the B side. Silly, I know. Yeah…June of 1999. I spent that first month off school playing Super Mario World with this tape on constant repeat, while eating lots of Itsakadoozee popsicles and ham & cheese hot pockets. In the evenings, I went for walks with my mom and read The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. Then my dad and brother came back from the Grand Canyon and I spent the rest of the summer in B’ham.

    Suffice to say I have “The Medley” memorized down to the last drumbeat, and instrumentally this version was virtually indistinguishable to me. This was a treat, because it’s been a long time since I heard the full version of this (on CD or digital format it loses a lot in translation). I especially appreciated the distorted guitar in “Mr. Mustard” and the Ringo Starr drum solo in “Carry that Weight.” I found that the lower-voiced singer was more dominant during “Mr. Mustard” than I’m used to. I remember that part sounding higher. And your keyboardist friend sounds the most authentic-sounding voice of the group. 🙂

    As for what happens at the end of “The End,” I can only guess that it’s the random 15-or-so seconds of silence before “Her Majesty,” a song that doesn’t make sense anywhere else in the world except exactly there. But as to the story about “The End,” that I had to look up (I was just so curious). Such a great serendipitous accident that the engineer just spliced it back on. It solved the decade-long mystery for me as to where that last note went, though! So it’s at the beginning of Polythene Pam? So cool!

    This is an LP that it would be worth owning a turntable for. 🙂

    – Carrie

    1. And we have a winner!

      Carrie, that was an epic comment. One of the best I’ve been fortunate enough to yield in my nearly six years of blogging.

      Abbey Road is, indeed, a masterpiece, and I hadn’t listened to it either in a while before I saw this video.

      I love how you said that you have The Medley memorized down to the last drumbeat. I totally relate to that.

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