Lyric of the Day: Flaming Lips

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a common phenomenon that I’m sure most people experience, at least occasionally, that of hearing a song and having it stuck in your head for a considerable length of time.

And while I was thinking at that time of the melody of a song, for me the same thing can happen with a song lyric. Not the lyrics to the whole song, but a particular line or verse or chorus.

And so, I’ve decided to create a new series here at Fish & BicyclesLyric of the Day — to document these cases of lyrics-on-the-brain.

Today’s lyric comes courtesy of the hauntingly beautiful song, Feeling Yourself Disintegrate, from the 1999 album The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips.

In our life
Is just too valuable
Oh, to feel
For even a second
Without it

It’s a wonderfully constructed, romantic verse, leaving you hanging, pondering how anyone could deem love too valuable to feel, only to have the last line make you feel silly for even considering such a ridiculous notion.

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