Video Fridays: TED Talks

If you aren’t familiar with TED, I’d really like to introduce you to him…um…it…um…them…oh whatever!

No, I’m not gonna give you the whole TED story here. I mean, why should I do that? It’s all there on the TED website! Taking the time to type it all out here would be a ridiculous act of senseless redundancy.

I will say that is one of my favorite sources of information, inspiration, and even entertainment. The annual TED conference attracts some of the most brilliant people on the planet and offers them 18 minutes to show their stuff.

Some of these TED Talks make you think deeply, some make you scratch your head at the complexity of things, some make you laugh, and some make you cry.

So, today’s installment of Video Fridays offers up two TED Talks, one that makes you think and laugh, and one that just makes you laugh.

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