Sweetness Follows

The title of this blog post is the title of an R.E.M. song. R.E.M. will be featured in this week’s Video Fridays installment later today, but first, I thought of the title after I heard a brief piece this morning on NPR.

NPR regularly airs clips from the StoryCorps project, an amazing depository of life stories recorded by average people all over the country. This morning’s clip hit me personally for two reasons.

First, this past Monday, my wife and I celebrated our 12-year wedding anniversary. And so, to hear this couple talking about how it’s been 11 years since they celebrated their 50th anniversary is incredibly heartening, even though it’s a longevity accomplishment that is hard to get one’s head around.

Secondly, this couple, Hunny and Elliot, reminded me SO much of the parents of one of my best friends, the Best Man at my wedding. While my friend’s parents were from Manhattan and Queens originally, rather than Brooklyn, the accents are close enough and the frankness and seemingly God-given humor are identical. Oh, and my friend’s mother has an identical twin sister.

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