%#&% this &*%$#@*&%$#&%$ rain!!!

Listen, I’m not one of those Bellinghamsters who complains about the rain so much that you start to wonder why they don’t just move to Arizona.

I’ve written about the rain before, and I truly am at peace with our climate most of the year. I’m fortunate that I don’t experience Seasonal Affective Disorder like so many people do, having to resort to light therapy, or messing around with Vitamin D, serotonin, and melatonin.

No, fortunately, I don’t get depressed by the rain, but occasionally I do get seriously pissed off by it, especially this time of year.

By June here in Bellingham, the sun sets at just after 9:00pm, a full four hours after my work day ends, twilght doesn’t officially start until 9:45pm, and I look forward to this all year. That’s 4-5 hours of outdoor playtime that I don’t get most of the year, outdoor playtime that does wonders for my wellbeing, sustaining me throughout the entire year.

So, listen up Mother Nature! Cut this crap right now!

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