Embarrassment Update

There was just no escaping embarrassment today.

As I mention below, I was embarrassed, then I did an embarrassing thing as a lame attempt at amelioration, and then one more embarrassing thing happened just to rub my face in it.

You see, when I first published the post below, I had missed a typo. What word did I misspell?

Embarrassed, of course!

I was thinking of the word embarrassed, but my fingers typed embarrassing. Just how embarrassing is that?

Here’s how the first sentence read before I corrected the typo:

I have to admit that I’m embarrassing when it’s Monday and the most recent post here is titled “Video Fridays”.

So, what was the rubbing it in my face part?

Oh, I could correct the typo here, but I have Fish & Bicycles linked to Facebook using the NetworkedBlogs app, and every time I post here a post is made on my Facebook Page Wall. Once it’s posted on Facebook, it’s like a snapshot in time, and if I make the correction here the correction does not show up on Facebook.


So, that was my day. How was yours?


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