Fish & Bicycles has not disappeared

Hi folks. Sorry if my absence has worried you or disappointed you or both (please say, “Yes, it has, on both accounts!”), but as I wrote on the 17th, I’ve been working for a very long time, preparing to host a national IT conference, and, well, it just ended.

I’ve been working 14 to 16-hour days for the past 9 days straight and there was no time for any blogging whatsoever. When I wasn’t running around like a chicken without a head, I was on-call, and occasionally I slept a little.

Anyway, it was all totally worth it. The conference went very well and it was extremely fulfilling seeing it come to fruition.

I hope to back to daily entries here soon, and I already have something in mind.

Teaser: It has to do with music and my uncanny ability to discover and fall in love with bands that everyone else was into years and years ago.

“See” you again soon!


4 thoughts on “Fish & Bicycles has not disappeared

    1. I will be back tomorrow!! Finally! I was on Vashon Island the past week without any internets. It was a VERY nice break.

      So, I’m dying to know, how’s Bellingham life treating you? Summer sure got off to a slow start, but it looks like it finally has arrived. Mostly sunny, mild temperatures, cooling off in the evenings…


      1. Absolutely love it! We can’t get over how friendly everyone is here! Maybe it’s the small town feel. Maybe it’s just that you’re all really THAT friendly. Didn’t get that in Colorado. And, of course, we’re finding some great spots to frequent: Boundary Bay, Hearthfire (happy hour!), Little Cheerful, etc. Recently went berry picking at Boxx Berry Farm, tubing at Lake Padden, and next weekend we’ll sea kayak. Yeah, we love it!

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