Plinky: My Weirdest Pet Peeve

Here's another Plinky.

Well, it might not seem weird to some, but the first of my pet peeves that came to mind was that not enough people seem to know what the word "accelerate" means.

More specifically, the official term for a freeway on-ramp is "acceleration lane", so named because drivers are supposed to use them to accelerate until they match the speed of traffic on the freeway, allowing them to easily merge into said traffic.

And yet, quite regularly, I find myself driving behind someone in an acceleration lane and they are not accelerating nearly fast enough to easily merge into freeway traffic without causing serious danger, for me and all those on the freeway. Vehicles in the farthest right-hand lane either have to speed up or slow down or suddenly switch lanes to accommodate the merging non-accelerated vehicle, and I become an unintentional non-accelerated vehicle myself.

I know for sure that this is not a mechanical issue. I've seen plenty of makes and models of cars and trucks puttering up an acceleration lane, when I've seen vehicles of the same make and model zoom right on up to the correct merging speed and slip effortlessly into traffic.

Illiteracy is a terrible, terrible thing.

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