Heaven, I’m in heaven

This is what heaven looks like.

In order to survive all the kvetching I listen to about the rain in Bellingham, heck, to survive my own kvetching about the weather in June, I take comfort in the fact that there’s no place that I’d rather be than in Bellingham in the summer. And, I get to live right here!

I don’t care for the 90°+ heat that is so common in most of the rest of the country…heck just right across the Cascade Mountains in eastern Washington. And, I don’t care if it’s a “dry heat“. 90° is frickin’ hot, whether it’s dry or humid.

I’m wearing shorts, t-shirt, sandals and I’m completely comfortable. Yesterday at 6pm I went swimming in Bellingham Bay, at Marine Park, where, when the tide comes in, it comes in over rocks that have baked in the sun for hours, resulting in the warmest water you’ll ever get in the Puget Sound.

When I’m not swimming, I’m riding my bicycle everywhere I go or I’m sitting on my deck, reading or playing my guitar, drinking a smoothie.

Heaven, I’m in heaven…

4 thoughts on “Heaven, I’m in heaven

    1. Listen, if the Seattle Mariners were contending I might enjoy your reference more. But, since the Mariners seem to play in The Safeco Field of Nightmares, baseball has been the farthest thing from my mind.

  1. i live for the days i can wake up, throw on a t-shirt and shorts, and head outside. without freezing.

    we’re destined to live in hawaii one day, i’m almost certain…

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