Plinky: Swear words, pro or con?

( sends me an email everyday with a question meant to inspire a blog post. Occasionally I take the bait.)

Swear words, pro or con?

Well…shit…I don’t know. Depends. Are we talking about when I’m blogging or in my everyday life?

Everyday Life
I’m from New Jersey. I use profanity. While I use discretion most of the time, my 12-year old son has heard me. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of that fact.

I remember wrestling with whether or not to use profanity when I started my first blog with a couple of friends back in 2004. I never decided to be anti-profanity, but I did find myself either avoiding it or using thinly-veiled substitutes like frickin’.

And, while I’m staunchly free speech and believe strongly that self-censorship can be stifling to the creative process, I do use profanity sparingly, confident that it’s hardly ever the only way to express any given thing.

That said, every once in a while it just feels right and comes naturally and who the fuck am I to mess with nature?!

One thought on “Plinky: Swear words, pro or con?

  1. if you take the word “swear” out of the question, it answers itself. words are words, use ’em all as needed.

    oh, that’s “in my opinion,” of course…

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