Video Fridays: Radiohead

I can’t stop listening to Radiohead’s most recent album, In Rainbows.

What impresses me the most is the disciplined musicianship. While I’ll always love the sloppy glory of, let’s say, the Rolling Stones, Radiohead makes music that requires discipline. You won’t find many three chord workouts in their repertoire (songs consisting of three chords repeated in the same pattern over and over again…there’s lots of them in pop music!), and, on the contrary, Radiohead songs very often employ unusual chord progressions, sudden changes in time signature or tempo, and a wide variety of instrumentation.

Just search YouTube for “In Rainbows From The Basement” and you’ll find just about every song from the album, recorded live for a VH1 special, and you’ll see the various members of the band very often changing instruments several times throughout the songs, and they all do it with incredible poise. You’d never know that if they miss their mark the song could fall apart.

So, without further ado, here’s my current favorite song from the record. Have a great weekend!

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