Stuff We Need: Reusable Spray Bottles

This idea is fantastic on so many levels!

Replenish via core77:

  • 100% recyclable sprayhead – Partly due to metal springs in most sprayheads, only 7% of plastic in a typical spray bottle gets recycled.
  • Refillable – The cleaning liquid concentrate refill “pods” make four full bottles of cleaner. Only 5% of typical spray cleaner bottles are the actual cleaner — the rest is plastic and water.
  • Eco-friendly cleaner – The cleaning concentrate is made from non-toxic, sustainable materials, it’s biodegradable, and it’s pH-neutral
  • They look cool with their groovy colors! – It’s no trivial matter to make a product look cool. The savvy designers at Replenish want these to actually sell, because they won’t improve the recycling and reusing of spray bottles if they don’t sell.

It appears that, for now, Replenish products are only available online, and I don’t see an option to buy just the refill pods, which seems like a terrible oversight. Hopefully they’ll get their site updated soon, and hopefully the spray bottles will catch on well enough for them to start selling them in retail stores across the country.

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