Spotlight on Bellingham…again!

Last week, in the wake of a midterm election that highlighted just how dysfunctional our governments are, I wrote:

Antidote: Focus locally. Support Whatcom & Skagit agriculture. Vote for progressives in city and county government. Join the vibrant local community of people committed to sustainable living. Love as much and as widely as possible.

Well, today I came across a video from the Journey of Action project, a brother and sister endeavor to travel from Alaska to Argentina in search of people and places where good things are happening.

We believe our generation, Generation Y, is aware of the social and environmental challenges we face as a nation and as a world, but they lack tools for action. Fortunately, there are a lot people making change a reality, from social entrepreneurs to non-profit organizations and educational systems, but they receive little or no media attention…

We are addressing a number of issues- the environment, education, human and civil rights, the global economy, poverty, global health, politics and others for the purpose of attracting and bringing together as many people as possible into this movement of action.

Sponsored by Timberland, Ryan and Kassidy Brown made a stop in Bellingham and managed to capture my post-election sentiment perfectly:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And this is in addition to Bellingham being featured in a PBS Now special called Fixing the Future, that will air on November 18th.

Of course, all is not perfect in our fair city, and we’re seated in a county more aligned with Tea Party madness than the progressive sustainability movement, as the Cascadia Weekly reports.

The Journey To Action video, along with my own personal experience here in Bellingham, however, make it clear that by living locally we have the ability to build a vibrant and sustainable community despite political and governmental dysfunction.

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