Fire & Ice

Stephen Trinkaus, owner of Bellingham’s very fine organic market, Terra Organica, posted the following photo on Facebook yesterday, a shot he took near the top of Chair 1 at the Mt. Baker Ski Area.

While Mt. Baker, one of the primary local icons, is visible from various spots around town, it is easy to forget that our beloved icon is an active volcano merely 31 miles due east.

This photo, however, is a subtle and yet very powerful reminder. That little fumarole plume seems to say, “Don’t be fooled by all this snow and ice, silly humans, for I am proof that not far below the surface of this frozen scene lies a sea of 2,000°F molten rock that could, at any time, blow the lid off of this pretty mountain, wreaking widespread havoc and destruction, so enjoy your chairlift ride while you can.”


(BTW, a fellow Bellingham blogger and “Back Easter” wrote a very entertaining post on this very subject back in October. I highly recommend it.)

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