Menomena Update

Deceptively happy together

Back in October, I wrote about how I’d fallen hard for a band from Portland, Oregon, Menomena, and over the succeeding months I’ve now obtained all of their music and listen to it regularly.

Well, just my luck, this past week news came out that one member of the group, Brent Knopf, has decided to quit. I suppose the news could be worse, as it seems that the other two founding members, Justin Harris and Danny Seim, will be carrying on without Brent, having added Joe Haege in the past year and now Paul Alcott will fill in for Brent on the upcoming tour. And yet, I really liked Brent’s contributions to the band’s sound, his subtle keyboards, occasional guitar work, vocals and songwriting all filled a niche, contrasting and complementing the others, despite how much reported disharmony there was amongst them as people. (Like that’s ever happened in a rock band before. ;-))

So, we’ll see what happens. Will they remain a creative force, able to produce new music, or will they discover, perhaps when they return to writing new material, that Menomena was and only can be the synthesis of the personalities and talents of the original three guys?

In the mean time, I feel like celebrating what they had accomplished together with a video, the song Muscle’n Flo from their third album, Friend and Foe.

I’ll introduce it by pasting in here one of the best comments I’ve ever seen on YouTube, posted on the Muscle’n Flo page:

I think this is the best freaking thing I’ve ever heard. Breaks my heart and flys me to wonderland all at the same time. What is this? A horror, an exultation, spinning and whirring absolute fucking joy? I don’t know. But I’m a fan.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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