Tempering Fatherly Pride

All you have to do is enter “Julian” in the Search field in the sidebar to see how often, out of fatherly pride, I mention my 13-year old son here at Fish & Bicycles.

Well, an interesting thing happened this weekend. My employer, Western Washington University, hosted the Veni. Vidi. Ascendi. rock climbing competition, part of the Northwest Collegiate Climbing Competition (NC3) series, they were gracious enough to allow kids from the Whatcom Family YMCA Youth Rock Climbing Team, of which Julian is a member, to participate, and…

…Julian came in FIRST out of 43 climbers in the Men’s Intermediate Division, wherein 41 of the 43 climbers were college students!

Here he is on the wall:

So, I’m enormously proud, and rightly so, but the thing about rock climbing, as a competitive sport, is that it is the least competitive sport I know, bragging is highly frowned upon, and so I found I had to temper my pride as I prepared to share the news of his tremendous accomplishment on Facebook.

My initial status entry went right to the point, shouting Julian’s victory from the rooftops, celebrating the 1st-of-43 finish, but before I could post it my wife reminded me that it’s really important to think about the whole team, to not post something that might make the other team members feel disappointed in how they did at the competition.

And, she was right.

Truth is, one of his teammates, close to his age, came in 4th in the Women’s Intermediate Division, and another came in, I think, 6th, in the Men’s Advanced Division. Others placed well in the Beginners and Intermediate Division, especially, again, when you consider that the vast majority of climbers were much older, bigger, and naturally stronger than they are. It was a real testament to how great the youth climbing team program is at the YMCA, and a reminder of how much gratitude we owe the coaches.

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