More Progress:   Walmart

Apropos my post of last week, the trend of much-maligned, often deservedly so, corporations stepping up and changing how they do business in order to address critical social needs continues with news that the largest retailer in the world, Walmart, will reduce sugar and salt and eliminate trans fats in the packaged goods they sell.

Additionally, the company that has come under intense criticism for their labor policies and for putting many small locally-owned companies out of business will lower the price of fruits and vegetables and give more money to programs that educate people about good nutrition.

All of this happens via a four-year plan announced in Washington with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Again, as I stated last week, these efforts must be celebrated. Walmart is not going away anytime soon, so better they make efforts to address our nation’s dire health crisis, no?

And, while the most important and effective long-term sustainability strategy is the growth of local, organic agriculture, there’s no reason to not continue efforts along those lines AND applaud Walmart at the same time.

So, sure, keep your eye on the prize — the day we put Walmarts out of business as more and more consumers decide to buy local. Just don’t sabotage the efforts Walmart does make to meet social needs while they are still around.

5 thoughts on “More Progress:   Walmart

  1. this is a bit like praising the grizzly bear in the chicken coop for passing up the high-cholesterol eggs.

    sure the chickens are all dead, but the risk of heart disease is greatly reduced. yay, grizzly bear!

    howard, i feel extremely comfortable saying walmart does not give a sh*t about the health of americans. the only reason they might tinker with their product mix is to see if they can make a ridiculous profit at it while still gutting the country of its small businesses.

    if this little experiment doesn’t meet their ROI expectations, it’ll die quick and quiet.

    fuck walmart.

    (did that sound bitter? it felt a little bitter coming out of my fingertips. sorry for the bitterness. i spilled coffee on my new shirt this morning.)

    1. I’m sure you could swing by Walmart and get a new shirt.

      Seriously, I don’t blame you one bit for your feelings towards Walmart, but I stand by my premise that we should be celebrating this stuff.

      Wouldn’t you rather Walmart protect their bottom line by hopping on the health and sustainability bandwagon instead of going the way of, let’s say, the oil companies, willing to continue ravaging the planet for the sake of protecting the status quo and their profits, when they could be assuring their long term survival by taking the lead in the research, development, production, distribution, and sale of renewable energy?

  2. like the oil companies, walmart will continue ravaging the planet for the sake of protecting the status quo and their profits. their many nonorganic products are environmental and socioeconomic atrocities.

    the kind of sea change you’re talking about would be welcome…but i’m not holding my breath. blue is not a good color for my face.

    my new shirt is blue. with a prominent, coffee-colored stain.

    1. Ok, Negative Nellie. Be that way.

      I’m sticking with my efforts to look on the bright side, to shine a spotlight on positive developments in order to encourage more and more efforts to win a place in my spotlight.

      Ideally, I’ll eventually need a bigger spotlight, and I might give out awards, gold star stickers maybe, or smiley face erasers.

      The alternative is just too grim.

  3. i understand. i really do. i just can’t seem to take enough vitamin d to alleviate the dysthymia. maybe if i up the dosage, and add some psilocybin to the mix…

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