Celebrating Eco-Progress: Green Business

This installment of Celebrating Eco-Progress, rather than highlighting the sustainability efforts of one company in particular, highly recommends digging into GreenBiz.com‘s 2011 State of Green Business Report.

While reading the entire report is illuminating, I thought I’d bring focus on one excerpt titled Consumer Giants Awaken to Green, which names a number of HUGE companies that have made recent commitments to sustainability.

Large consumer packaged goods companies, the so-called CPGs, have long been reluctant entrants into the green world. The makers of the leading brands of detergents, personal care products, processed foods, and other things found up and down supermarket aisles have stayed largely on the sidelines, viewing green marketing as a risky, if not losing, proposition. Suddenly, the world’s biggest brands seem to be leading the way. Kraft, Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, and Unilever were among the CPGs making green pronouncements during 2010.

Elsewhere in the report, there is acknowledgment that, as I wrote last week, progress usually has an up-and-down trajectory. And yet…

What’s encouraging about this year’s report is the momentum we see, embodied in the stories my colleagues at GreenBiz.com bring every business day. While not every story is earth-shattering, the corporate commitments and achievements continue to grow every year in both size and scope. During 2010, for example, we saw major corporate commitments from Procter & Gamble and Unilever; major commitments to buy electric vehicles by GE and other companies; a new wave of water footprint assessments by several large companies; zero-waste accomplishments by GM, Kraft, and others; a new generation of green chemistry coming from Dow, BASF, and others; plant-based plastics being used by several major consumer packaged goods companies.

These are encouraging signs of progress indeed, and absolutely reasons to celebrate.

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