Video Fridays: Water Car?

Hat tip to my friend Jamie, who posted this video on Facebook.

I hereby present today’s Video Fridays installment.

So, a car that runs solely on water, does not produce greenhouse emissions, made by a company actively courting a Japanese manufacturer to mass produce the vehicle. I’ve heard that this is possible, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in action.

Pretty exciting stuff.

Of course I can see a couple of potential problems.

The size of the “energy generator” looks like an issue to me, taking up the entire backseat and cargo area of an already small, 2-door car. Sure, some people buy tiny 2-seaters like the Smart Car, but it’s just not practical for most drivers.

Secondly, while it’s encouraging that this car will reportedly run on all kinds of water — fresh, salt, even water content in tea and soft drinks — similar to oil, there is by no means an infinite supply of water on our planet. And, while oil itself does not support life, water does.

Aquatic habitats and the species they support are already threatened by the amount of fresh water we use just for drinking purposes, so it’s hard to image that these threats wouldn’t be exacerbated by collecting and using water as fuel. Even rain collection, it seems to me, done on a large scale, is bound to have a negative impact in the location of the collection, where plants and animals depend on it as part of the ecosystem.

Anyway, there very well maybe solutions to these problems, so I’ll just hold on to the hope that this is a good step along the way towards a better alternative to the gas guzzler.

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