A Quick One

Yeah, I know, I just posted a music-related entry yesterday. But, an old friend of mine sent me a link to the following video, it’s a clip I’ve watched, literally, dozens and dozens of times, and just as on all of those other occasions, it has once again left me practically speechless.

Now, a speechless blogger, I admit, isn’t very fun, so hopefully I’ll regain my full language capabilities later today.

In the meantime, I hereby present what is quite possibly the greatest live Rock & Roll performance ever. The Who performing the song A Quick One, from the 1968 film The Rolling Stone’s Rock And Roll Circus.

(Disclaimer: Fish & Bicycles recommends to anyone who will be required to use either written or spoken language within a few hours of watching this video that you postpone watching it, and wait to do so until you know you have no language obligations for said few hours. Fish & Bicycles, therefore, will not be held responsible for hardships caused by the poorly-timed viewing of this seven minute and forty four second clip.)

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