iPad 2: Function, allow me to introduce Form

Apropos my post earlier today, I have regained my language capacity, but…(heavy breathing)…I…(heavy breathing)…am…(heavy breathing)…now trying to catch my breath, after having had it stolen away from me by Apple.

I don’t even want an iPad, but watching the following video of the, as of today, new iPad 2, specifically the new Smart Cover that Apple has designed for it, knocked the wind right out of me.

One of my favorite websites is YankoDesign.com, where I like to check out the latest in Industrial Design, a site loaded with products in various stages of concept development, but mostly either in the computer rendering or model phase.

What struck me about the iPad Smart Cover was how it reminds me of design concepts I’ve seen at Yanko, designs that, when I see them, I think about how cool it would be if a product like that actually existed, except, in the case of the Smart Cover, it actually does exist.

That this thing does so many things well, AND happens to look very cool, is a home run, in my opinion.

Yes, I still don’t want an iPad. My (indisputable proof I’m not an Apple sycophant) netbook is still working out just fine for me. But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating great design when I see it.

(Note: For purposes of full disclosure, in light of my “I’m not an Apple sycophant” declaration, I must admit that I am very much pining for an iPhone 4, although I might not have the money saved up until the iPhone 5 comes out.)

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