Thoughts Are With Japan

So, I’ve heard from most of my friends in Japan and luckily they and their families are all ok. Also, the friends I haven’t heard from live in Kobe, far enough south to have likely not suffered much, if any, damage.

Our current Homestay student, Shuichi, is from Nagoya, also far enough south to have dodged a bullet, and he reports that his family and friends are safe.

Meanwhile, the effects of this earthquake were felt as far away as right here in Washington State, where tsunami warnings were declared in coastal communities, resulting in traffic jams in some areas, particularly the Long Beach peninsula, where many people evacuated to higher ground.

We, the people of the west coast of the U.S. and the people of Japan, are all in this Pacific Ring of Fire together. It’s a scary reminder of what could happen to any of us, anytime, and a rude yet urgently needed wake-up call, screaming in our faces that we all need to be prepared.

Out of utter boredom, lying in my sick bed this past week, I just happened to watch the poorly-reviewed 2009 film 2012, which portrays a natural disaster that threatens to destroy all life on Earth and nearly does, save a relative handful of privileged and last minute mercy passengers who made it onto a few modern day arks.

It was not hard to think of scenes from that movie when looking at the photo above and watching the following footage of the tsunami hitting the Japanese coast, and it’s horrific to think that this is real life and not some Hollywood CGI.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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