Bellingham Bloggers: A Shout Out

Ok, gotta take a break from the drama in Japan and finally get around to posting some other things I’ve been working on.

I’ve pretty much had my head down, nose to the grindstone and all that for the year and a half, nearly so, that I’ve been doing Fish & Bicycles, concentrating my efforts on maintaining a regular writing practice, on publishing good content on a wide variety of topics on a regular basis.

But lately, now that I’m feeling comfortably settled in, enjoying myself and the creative flow, where ideas seem so effortless to come by, I’ve taken some time to browse around the interwebs in search of other bloggers here in Bellingham, Washington, and it’s been a lot of fun connecting with my community in this way.

While not all of the blogs I came across are my particular cup of tea, I was impressed by the breadth of subject matter and the variety of different approaches to blogging. Despite our differences, I feel a distinct kinship with all of these people who, like me, feel the need for self-expression, putting themselves courageously out there for all to see.

And so, I’ve added a new list of links in the sidebar to the right — Bellingham Blogs — a collection of my personal favorites from the many dozens of blogs that I visited. I don’t in any way mean to suggest that these are better than all the others, however. They are simply the blogs that I connected with the most.

From photo blogs (Bellingham Daily Photo, Faces of Bellingham) to politics (The Politics Junkie), from current local happenings (Bellingham Sandwich) to outdoor adventures (Mike McQuaide), and from a Western Washington University creative writing professor (Pugnacious Pinoy) to a fellow musician (The Artist and the Academic), and a few others, I highly recommend checking them out.

And if you haven’t had enough after that, you can always find more Bellingham Blogs by using the Google.

Happy browsing!

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