Video Fridays: Mark Ronson

Back in December I wrote about how I was listening to my beloved Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings station on Pandora, when I heard a familiar riff in an otherwise unfamiliar song, performed by an unfamiliar artist.

The song was The White StripesSeven Nation Army, and the artist was British soul singer Alice Russell, and in place of the simple distorted guitar and drum arrangement of the original was the sweet soul sound of funky bass, wah guitar, and horns.

It was delightful, and today Pandora delivered another soul re-working of a rock song.

Before Radiohead started using keyboards and electronica heavily in their compositions, they were known for electric-guitar-based rock anthems. And a song dating from that period, Just, off their 1995 second album The Bends, a quintessential early Radiohead electric guitar freakout, is just as startlingly and refreshingly given the soul music treatment by British musician, DJ, and producer Mark Ronson, on his 2007 collection of cover songs titled Version.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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