Eyecatchers: Andersen M Studio

Recently, I StumbledUpon some animation from London-based Anderson M Studio that is absolutely mind-boggling.

I’ve never seen any stop-motion animation quite like it, and it is hard to imagine the amount of painstaking time and attention to detail that it must take to produce these pieces.

I think that’s art at it’s most magical, when your jaw drops at the sheer ingenuity of the work, when you see something and wonder how the hell it was done, and at the same time, when something of Keats’ beauty is truth, truth beauty is manifest as well.

I couldn’t decide on just one clip to include here, and it was hard enough to pick just two, but the first one was commissioned by the New Zealand Book Council for a TV commercial.

The second was commissioned by the Star Alliance airline network, who donates seats on their airlines to scientists and field workers in order to make it easier for them to do their very important work.

(BTW, through researching this post, I discovered the wonderful world of papercutting, the medium that the animators bring to life in these videos.)

3 thoughts on “Eyecatchers: Andersen M Studio

    1. Hi Beth,

      Thanks for stopping by Fish & Bicycles and for leaving a comment.

      I checked out both of your blogs (She Thinks Too Much looks familiar ;-), and appreciate your wide-ranging creativity.


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