Apple: Testing my Non-Attachment

I mentioned at the beginning of this month, in a post about the iPad 2, that while I am not interested in the Apple tablet, I am pining for an iPhone.

Now, I’d been leaning toward waiting for the next iteration of the phone, the iPhone 5, since new iPhones are typically rolled out in June of each year. However, as if to test my efforts toward Buddhist Non-Attachment, there’s news today that the iPhone 5 may very well not be available until September.

Via Engadget:

By now you’ve seen the announcement for WWDC 2011 (coming June 6th), but what you may not have heard yet is that this one is going to be a little different than some of the dev cons from years past. Namely, unlike the events in 2008 through 2010, you won’t see the announcement of a new iPhone (or iPad… or anything else hardware related)…

Of course if that pans out, all eyes are going to be on the company’s Fall event, which seems like an increasingly likely place to launch a new phone…


Speculation suggests that the iPhone 5 will have a few nice improvements over the iPhone 4, not the least of which include a faster processor and a larger display, and probably most important, a resolution of the antennae problem that some users experienced with the design of the iPhone 4.

It’s a classic technology dilemma, given that tech advances happen so regularly, almost always resulting in the next greatest thing becoming obsolete within a few months of a new purchase.

At the same time, it’s also a spiritual dilemma. For me to be as disappointed as I am at today’s news is humbling, a sign that I have a lot of work to do concerning my attachment to material objects.


Wait! I’ve got it!

If I cave in and just buy the iPhone 4 now, I’m making progress on my non-attachment by letting go of the obsession with obtaining the next greatest thing!


Update: A Gizmodo contributor has a different take on today’s Apple news, suggesting that there’s no inherent conflict between a WWDC focused on iOS and Mac OS X and an iPhone 5 rollout. So much for my plan.

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