Those Sadistic Bastards At WordPress

Sorry, maybe I’m too uptight, or too sensitive, but I REALLY can’t stand the whole April Fools Day thing. I just don’t like the whole gotcha mentality.

Well, it seems that April Fools Day has really taken hold on the interwebs. And while Google launched their Gmail Motion application today (but not really, because, you see, it’s April Fools Day, isn’t that hilarious?!), the blog hosting service I use,, decided to have a little fun at its users’ expense.

See, it’s funny, because the bar on the graph looked like I’ve had nearly 125 views by 12noon today, when, as you can see in the mouseover pop-up, I only had 12 views at that point. Yeah, funny. Ha, ha, ha.

The bastards are toying with me!

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