Looking Down…For a Moment

You know the well-meaning cliché, invariably offered up to someone who is afraid of heights, when said acrophobe is, um, up high someplace?

Well, here I am, looking down, not afraid of heights actually, but in this shot merely anxious to confirm that my climbing shoes were indeed sticking to the rock, since there were precious few hand holds available on this route.

And now I’m home and things are looking down, as they always do for a short time at the end of a vacation. Time to unpack, to catch up with the business of housekeeping, to catch up with and hook back into the day-to-day concerns, and to browse through photos of the trip that, for now, only make you wish you were still there, still anywhere but home.

Oh, it always passes (I’m sure it wouldn’t be so acute if it weren’t cool, windy, and rainy right now), when I notice just how good life here in Bellingham is, how all the things we had the most fun doing — rock climbing, hiking, eating good food, hanging out with friends — are things we do all the time right here.

I have a few ideas for some additional blog posts related to the trip to SoCal, but for now I’ll just say that Joshua Tree National Park was as jaw-droppingly beautiful as I remember it, and yet, ironically, the most amazing spot we climbed at on the trip was just north of Los Angeles, at Point Dume in Malibu.

The kid, with our friend Atsuko, at Point Dume

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